PPL(A) Flight Training

After your theoretical exams or during the theory course you can start the flight training. The training comprises a minimum of 45 hours flight time, of which at least 25 hours must be done with an instructor, and 10 hours solo. The duration of the training depends on the availability of the candidate and a number of external factors, weather being one of the most important.
The flight training is split up in multiple phases or modules:

  1. Pre-solo: basic maneuvers, takeoffs and landings, traffic pattern procedures.
  2. Pre solo navigation: consolidation of the knowledge and flying skills gained during the pre-solo phase and building experience and confidence during local solo flights. Advanced maneuvers, operations at new airports, flight referenced to instruments and radio navigation.
  3. Exercises up to examination: gaining proficiency in solo cross-country navigations, basic instrument flying and preparation for the practical exam.
Flight Training
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