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  • 08 August 2019 |
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The Sabena Aeroclub is proud to announce the publishing of their own Quick Reference Handbooks (QRH's). After years of hard work to finish an astonishing product, these easy to use handbooks will be able to significantly enhance training for all student pilots. And equally make the licensed pilot fly with more knowledge and confidence. This makes the Sabena Aeroclub the first in Belgium, and possibly worldwide, to introduce QRH's in an aeroclub environment.

A few months ago the Sabena Aeroclub introduced new checklists on their aircraft. "We worked hard to provide our members a safe, nice and easy to use checklist. They feature a standardised layout & order of items (as far as practicable) to provide fleet commonality. They also feature a great quick reference card on the back, containing procedures review, aircraft particularities and general aircraft information (like speeds and other figures that easily tend to be forgotten)", Quinten - DTO Representative - says. These new checklists use a different philosophy. They are not the standard read-and-do checklist most students in aeroclubs are used to. They are checklists (read-and-verify) and as such a safety net. They are proceeded by memory flows (actions to know by heart) to setup the aircraft. Only then the checklist is used to verify that all the items listed on the checklist have been correctly accomplished. They are short & to the point. They do not cover everything: only those items that are safety critical. Flows are incredibly useful for knowing how to quickly setup the aircraft during different phases of flight.

The QRH's contain the flows. These are not a textual copy of the AFM/POH, but contain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) of the aeroclub. It is divided in the chapters 'Pitch & Power Tables', 'Manoeuvres', 'Normal Procedures', 'Emergency Procedures', 'Patterns', 'Limitations' and 'Operational Info'. These QRH's form an excellent aid to standardisation of training, which is one of the Sabena Aeroclub's focal points.

Besides an online copy which was published months ago, the highly anticipated QRH's are now also available in hard copy format for the Club members for the C152 and DA20-C1. And they look amazing! (The PA28-181 version will come out as well before the end of August 2019. Pre-ordering this is already possible.)

Additionally, the Sabena Aeroclub designed a special training poster for student pilots to allow "chair-flying"! Studying procedures from home as if you are sitting in the real aircraft. These posters will be available in DIN A1 format (84,1 cm x 59,4). Club members that are are interested in a personal copy of a QRH and/or a training poster can use the form included in the email sent to them.

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